Saturday, May 31, 2008

All's well that ends well

Sorry I didn't post earlier, I couldn't figure out our login and I know.  Mark is well and back to 100%.  Guess this is one of those illnesses that are harder on a body the older it is.  I'm sure hoping none of the rest of us get it.  

We are currently missing our oldest three as they went to visit their Skeen "cousins" to help Courtney celebrate her graduation.  I'm sure they are all having a great time together.  

The boys, Caity, and Marissa have started swim team.  The first few days the water was cold and the wind was blowing.  It didn't make for fun swimming, especially for the newbies.  Thursday and Friday were much better and everyone did great.  They are looking forward to their first swim meet next week.

Thanks for your prayers during Mark's illness.  


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Never a dull moment - by Linda

Last Thursday, 5/8, Mark began complaining of a headache.  By dinner he wasn't even interested in eating (now we know something is up).  He went to bed and was definitely sick the next morning.  He continued to sleep most of the day Friday.  Anyway, to make a long story short-- he slept most of the weekend.  A Dr. visit on Monday resulted in knowing he didn't have strep or diabetes and thinking it was just a virus.  By Thursday when he still hadn't eaten anything but one egg (and that on Saturday) and woke with spots on his legs we figured another trip to the Dr. was in order.  One look at him now and she felt confident with diagnosis of mononucleosis.  We are waiting for the test result (they only run these test on Tuesday and Thursday) and should know more on Tuesday.  He continues to be tired but had much more energy today and actually was awake longer than asleep today.  BTW, he is staying well hydrated with water and gatorade.  The Dr. said it will take him about 3 weeks to get better. Other people have told me that it takes months to fully recover.  I'm hoping 8 year olds bounce back better than older people.  

Now the challenge is to keep this from making its way through the family.  We'll see how the Spencer family spends the summer.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We have decided to consolidate our blogs (Curtis, Caity, and Marissa's) in to one, family account. Hopefully with the five of us now able to keep up one blog we will have a more current and updated blog. Curtis intends to help us get the formatting down and I plan on posting pictures of the places we go and the things we do and writing a few tidbits now and again. -caity