Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer life

Where has summer gone??? It seems to have flown by so quickly this year! So many things have happened and so many memories made! To start it off, Caity and I went to Worldview Academy June 8-13 again and had an amazing experience! Fantastic speakers including Jeff Baldwin, Brandon Booth, Mark Bertrand, and Jay Winslow; really encouraging staff, and a great group of students. We both learned alot even on the second go 'round. That week Russell had his 7th birthday, which we celebrated as a family the weekend before camp. The Friday before camp my family threw me a surprise party for my 16th birthday. Dear friends and family came to help me celebrate and completely shocked me! I couldn't say anything for a few minutes! 
   At the end of June our whole family took a two day drive to the beautiful state of Montana for a TeenPact Survival camp just outside of Helena. Mom did an amazing job overseeing all the meals and making sure all the cooking went well; Dad and the younger boys hung around watching different activities, going on hikes, and helping mom; Curtis enjoyed staffing and was a vital part of the staff team; and Caity and I were blessed to attend the camp. We were stretched alot both in our walk with Christ as well as physically. Our whole family made some new wonderful friends and enjoyed the time to grow as a family. 
   A month later, at the end of July everyone but dad (because he had to work...imagine that! =D) went to Glorieta, NM for another Survival camp. Even though it was mostly more of the same, I came away with a different experience and had grown even more that I thought possible in one week. After camp eight wonderful friends came and stayed for a couple days which gave us a chance to get to know them better and ease off being with all the people instead of going off old turkey. =] 
   Now for the past week we have been preparing for Curtis to go to New Saint Andrews college in Moscow Idaho. He and Dad left yesterday and got the first part of the trip under their belt. They should get into Moscow tomorrow the 12th tomorrow. It will be hard to have him gone for so long but thankfully he will be back on breaks about every eight weeks. We will really miss him this next week as we all go to family camp in Glorieta again. We are looking forward to a great week of drawing closer to God, learning from the speakers, meeting new people, renewing old friendships, and spending time together as a family. 
   When we get back we have a about two weeks till school starts but before then we have much to do to be ready. Caity and I will be taking online classes again through The Potters School and hopefully swimming in the fall. Well now that I have written a small novel, I'll let you go but I just thought it was about time for an update from the Spencer family. =D
~Striving for Christ,

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Prairie Momma said...

OK. So you've been "camping" a lot this summer, but have you used your trailer or tents? :):) We hope that things will slow down when school starts so that we can see you more.