Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What do y'all think...

time for an update? Since I have been such a slacker in posting pictures, quotes, and interesting tid-bits about our daily life, I figured I should at least let y'all know what's keeping us busy.

Daddy: faithfully "counting beans," spending family time and one-on-one time with each of us, discussing A Thomas Jefferson Education with Mom and I, and planning spring and summer vacations.

Mark, Scott, and Russell: they are all boy, what else needs to be said? They are constantly comming up with new ways to make things crazy (including our lives =p). As a friend said said "the 'boy code' is: anything you can do, I can do dumber." They were very excited to be back "in school" this week. The alluring books, normalized routine, and constant supervised time has them back on track and well on their way to becoming delightful young men. All of them are willing to help whenever with whatever, a great help to all of us.

Rissie: semester tests are finally over; YAY!!!!! It's amazing how much time it takes to be throughly studing, reviewing, and going over material for four online subjects. Though she had to miss several days of swim practice, she was uber-diligent in her studies and determined to do her very best in the multidue of tests that she took. Right now she is in the kitchen baking something scrumptious for breakfast. =)

Mother Dear: school for the boys started back this week, so she has again started to balance a million things at once (errands, reading to the boys, cooking yummy meals, cleaning, grading work, disciplining, reading deep and thought-provoking books, talking with Marissa and I, and I'm sure more that I'm just not thinking about right now). Alongside all that she still enjoys making tinctures, supposedly to improve our health, but I think the looks on our faces when we taste the concoctions is quite a relaxing diversion for her. ;)

Me: swimming is still going and I still absolutely love it!!! Practices have just about reached their peak. Today we swam 4100 meters, which is a little more than 2.5 miles. My three online classes are great. I love the Anatomy and Physiology class, though the memorization level is a bit astounding. I am about 1/2 through with the Old and New Testaments. I have test for both of thoes classes coming up this week that I am studing for. I am also in the midst of so many projects, it's a bit mind-boggling; crochetting, planning a tea and a graduation party, quilting, sewing, drawing, reading "free reads," creating and baking. What happed to not having so much on my plate this year? =)


Skeen Family said...

Great post Caity! Wow, sounds like life is moving quickly at the Spencer Home. I'm sure you are all succeeding in all your ventures. You've left me wondering, how much more could I do with my time....hmm. Thanks for keeping us posted, I always love to know what my family is up to.

I love you all tons,

Anonymous said...

Hello Caity,

This is Nastya, one of the homeschool seniors from Miss Jocelyn's "Homeschool Seniors 08-09" blog. Recently I've been helping Jocelyn out with the blog, and I was wanting to email you to go over a few things, but I couldn't find your email in our system. Could you possibly send an email to homeschoolseniors AT gmail DOT com, so we can talk via email? This would be so helpful! This way you'll get all the blog updates as well. Thanks, and hoping to hear from you soon!:-)