Thursday, June 11, 2009

he's 8!

Happy Birthday Russell


Meghan said...

Happy Belated Birthday Russell! I can't believe you're already 8! i still remember the day I first met you and you and the twins ran in our door. We we're so excited to meet our newest "cousins" :)

Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus Russell.

Love from the Skeens!

PrincessR said...

Happy Birthday!! You are as old as Caleb now!
Did Caity make the cake??? :):)

Fiddlin' girl said...

Happy Birthday, Russell! :) I can't believe that you are 8 already!! Wow, you grow up way too fast!!
That looked like a yummy cake! Did you eat a peice for me? ;)
your loving friend, Sarah

Kathleen said...

Great pictures, Caity! And the cake looked great. =)
Happy Birthday, Russel!