Thursday, July 9, 2009

More than a Relaxing Moment?

What a treat, what a treasure, what a memory, when three brothers who call themselves "the trio" go out of their way to creatively come up with their own way to bless the ladies in their family. "The trio" put their three heads together and decided to open a spa for the girls. They wrote out a list of all the things they could do, and passed it around for us to review. We were ushered out to the patio with our books to relax and enjoy: foot scrubs; lotion for feet, legs, hands, and arms; back rubs, and shoulder massages. 

When the paper was handed around I heard my mind preparing to say something like: "I have work to do," "I need to finish math," "no, thank you...." and so on. But suddenly, I realized I was about to crush the hearts of three little boys who went out of their way to bless me. I didn't have to be invited, but they wanted me to be there. They wanted to give me a gift of their time and love. How could I say "no" on pretense of being "too busy?" As I enjoyed the treat, because I did say "yes, thank you," I wondered if this was a treat that they would repeat with any regularity, and in time become more proficient at it. Then I thought what a blessing it could be to their future wives as well. I hope in the future I'll still be able to catch my tongue before I say "no," and think about how it might impact who they will become.

I hope the picture turned out ok. I tried to scan the paper of spa options. They also listed things that they could do to bless Momma, such as: working in the garden, cleaning, and helping out. =)


Sarah said...

That was so sweet! There is no doubt those boys like to serve. Caity, this was a great example of helping the boys become good men. :) Thanks for the reminder.

Jeri Beth said...

Awww, brothers are so thoughtful. God is good!

Hope you are all doing well, Spencers!

~Jeri Beth Hardy

Kathleen said...

Wow, that's great!