Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ahoy me harties!

the Swashbucklers
Tuzoo, 1st Mate, and the Captian

Hawaiian Haystacks and Coconut Lime Cooler on the mess-deck

for all those concerned: we are managing to have fun and eat well while it's just the 6 of us at home


Scribe said...

Avast, ye sea rats! Looks like ye be havin' too much fun there! Swab the decks... :)

(By the way, nice outfits Mark, Scott, and Russell. You look like some of Captain Kidd's crew.)

My Father's World said...

Wow!Looks like lots of fun.Looks like Scott,Mark,and Russel are having the greatest fun.What did you eat to go along with it?

Kathleen D. said...

Curtis, where's your pirate gear? No beard, blood, or tattoos, not even an eye patch. ... Were you taken prisoner?