Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today I read a wonderful post by a dear lady who I'd love to really meet someday. (You can read it here if you'd like; look for the 11/4 post "Eating Bread".) As I've pondered this post I've been thinking a lot about "traditions".

We don't have a lot of traditions in our family (though my children may disagree) but as I get older (not old mind you, just older...) I'm growing to love traditions. Our church follows many traditions of the reformed faith and I love it!!! I'm trying to think how best, belatedly, to establish some traditions in our home.

I'd love to hear what traditions you have in your family. Did your tradition come from your extended family, did you see it in another family and bring it to your family, did you think of it on your own?

For you youngers, what traditions from your home, or other homes you've seen, are so meaningful to you that you hope to carry them forward into your future home? I look forward to seeing you all (who are mostly second and third generation Christians) carry forward traditions rich in meaning to your future families. How neat for your children to say, we do this because.... and be able to point to a forefather who was faithful.

Ah, traditions! Not for the sake of tradition itself but to the Glory of God!


Fiddlin Girl said...

I think one of my favorite traditions is for Christmas. We would all get up, get our coffee ;), and gather in the living room. Dad would get his Bible out, and read the Christmas story. Mom has several nativity scenes with figurines. We children (not so much Becca and me any more) would "act out" the story of Jesus' birth with the little figurines. I always held that time in a special place. It may seem very common, but I always remember looking around and seeing my family together, sharing the love of Jesus on that wonderful morn.

caitygirl said...

I love Advent. The time when we all come together and read a bit from a book and sometimes just sit around and talk. I also like how we decorate with so many nativity sets. It's not so much that we have so many, but the memories that come with each one and just how it helps to focus us on Christ. I can't count the times when I've been reading, look up and see a nativity, and before I know it, I am off in Bethlehem imagining what it was like. On another note, I love watching Charlie Brown's Christmas, The Nativity Story, and It's a Wonderful Life. Cheese Souffle is wonderful too!!!!

Thanksgiving is a special time too. Getting together with all your family is just so much fun. Whether we have all the family plus friends, or we just have a small gathering, it is a great time of true thanksgiving and happiness. =)

On an every-week basis, I love how we have started to celebrate on Sunday with a Sabbath meal. It might be on Saturday or Sunday, but we find a time to make the meal extra special, even if that's just pulling out the china. I definitely would like to carry that on to my future family.

I don't know if you'd call it a tradition, but watching Anne of Green Gables while the guys are out hunting has great memories! do we have time for that and potS of tea this weekend?