Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Neat Experience

Mark had a neat experience today. He was headed outside and came across a hummingbird which had apparently exhausted itself trying to escape from a skylight (they only fly up in fear and therefore can't get out). Anyway, he picked it up so one of the dogs wouldn't get it and found that it was still alive. He took it to a feeder and it took some drinks. Soon it was perking up. Over a 10 minute time he continued to hold it and give it access to the feeder. We got these pictures just before it flew to a butterfly bush and then on to another feeder. It joined in the play/chase with the other birds and was lost from sight. What a neat experience for all of us.
(Sorry about the sideways pictures. I've rotated them in my folder but they are still importing in weird).


Spencer Mom said...

I need some serious help in figuring out how to format these post. :-{

Carolyn said...

I loved the 'neat experience'. The look on his face is priceless. How awesome that must feel to actually saved a hummingbird's life. What beauty God has created!

Marissa said...

that's really neat Mark! Good job. I got to do that once. One of the cats attacked the feeders and got a bit and I was able to get it away from her before she killed it. It's a neat feeling to nurse them back to life. They are such amazing creatures!