Monday, September 6, 2010

Processing Peaches

For years, as long as I can remember really, we have had a tradition of processing peaches every fall. Years ago Mommy, and the three of us kids would go down to Las Cruces where my grandparents and cousins lived. We'd spend several days together, picking, cooking, peeling, slicing, and canning peaches. I remember how the peeling was the coveted job for most of the kids, at least I thought so. Well, that tradition has continued on through the years, there may have been a year or two in there that we didn't put up peaches, but most years we've put up at least some. This year, though half of our crew is absent, tradition carries on. This afternoon, Mommy and I juggled all the jobs and in less than two hours had two boxes of peaches skinned, sliced, and in bags ready for the freezer to enjoy over the winter and next summer. Here are some pictures from the process.

Ready to go



skinned and ready to cut (pits and peals off to the side)

juicy goodness ready to be bagged =D


Spencer Mom said...

I have such great memories of putting up peaches with Nana when you all were little. You all really were a lot of help and the rewards were great. I enjoyed my time with you today. Thanks for all the help. We'll enjoy them all winter long.

Lydia said...

Looks yummy! What wonderful family memories are made! :) God Bless you.