Friday, October 22, 2010

the way she likes it

Yesterday morning as I was reading my Bible in the recliner, Mandy, who had been laying near me, got up and came over to be petted. Nothing unusual there, she does that frequently, but this time, she decided that my cozy blanket and open lap were just too much to resist. Before I could do anything, up she hopped into my lap. Even though she's a 70 pound lab, she secretly wishes she were a lap dog. =)

'course she brought her bone, which she hadn't chewed on since I gave it to her, laid down, and began to chew. I just had to laugh and called Mom who took the pictures.


camilla said...

That's too adorable. Mandy's even bigger than last I saw her!

caitygirl said...

of course, that's just like Manders! such a cutie pie.

Curtis said...

Wow, you have a knack for picking dogs that can't stay out of chairs (or off of beds either)!

The Wells Family said...

Hey Marissa!!!!
You need to put up a new post!!!!!JK
but really, you should.=) I love hearing
about you and your family!

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...


i somehow chanced upon your blog via a couple of lovely other blogs.

i just had to leave a comment when i saw your beautiful dog. she reminds me so much of a lovely dog i once had called heather, she was a sweet angel and yours looks like one too.

you are blessed

warmest wishes and hugs to you both xxx


linhuang said...

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