Thursday, January 13, 2011

God is so good!

11. for God's faithful provision long before it was needed
12. daughters whose hearts long to be at home
13. the joy and blessing of being a keeper at home
14. beautiful blue skies
15. the promise of spring
16. scented candles (don't they just look happy too!)
17. labrador retrievers
18. a bag of just cinnamon and spearmint gum drops (thank you dear daughter!)
19. industrious sons
20. children who love to learn, even when life is hard


Tom Brainerd said...

Can I mention that the Brainerds are thankful to our God for the blessing that the Spencers, and each of the families of TRC, have been to us? If I can't, it's OK. I'll understand;)

Spencer Mom said...

Tom, you're welcome to comment. We are blessed, aren't we! Hope all is well in TX and AL this week. Hugs all around.