Saturday, September 13, 2008

Photos from the State Fair

here are Marissa and My entries in the fair:

a twin sized log cabin quilt with appliqued flowers (mine)

a knit blouse (mine)

skirt and jacket outfits
Marissa and I made it really hard for the judges this year: Marissa (black and gray) added piping to the seams plus used french seams rather than a regular flat seam and her skirt has the black stripe on the bottom edge, Mine (brown) the jacket is reversible and the skirt is bias with a zipper. =D

Marissa's dress

a pleated cotton skirt (mine)

a baby blanket by Marissa

One tradition we have at the State Fair is to eat Navajo Tacos at the Indian Village each year. Saturday morning before we left for the fair we video-chatted with Curtis and he said that there is a restaurant in Moscow that serves Navajo Tacos; so while we were at the fair Curtis went by and ordered himself a taco. Here are the pictures of the ID and NM tacos.

Curtis' Navajo Taco

a Navajo Taco from the fair

relaxin' after lunch

a footzie-wootzie

Daddy and the boys

Marissa and the photoagrapher =D


Curtis said...

Wow girls, you were stole the show at the arts and crafts building! Kind of makes the competition wish you had your own category so they could have a change at first or second... :-D

Thanks for posting pictures!

I think that the NM Navajo tacos look better than the one I had. Maybe I should make some up here; that would be tasty!

caity said...

Curtis- Mom and Russell didn't get to go to the fair, so Mom's really wanting a taco now. maybe when you come home we can make some tacos together =)

Sarah said...

Thanks for all the pictures, Caity!
You girls really did clean house with your entries! Great job! I know you both put lots of work and careful attention to details with your projects.
That was such a neat idea to have Navajo Tacos together despite the distance :D. I'm afraid I'll have to agree with Curtis that the New Mexico Navajo tacos looked better than the Idaho ones. I hope your mom and Curtis can have some "real" ones sometime.

Glad you posted... I think I need to get a new post together for our blog :)

Love you guys!


Poff Clan said...

Caity and Marissa, What beautiful work! Way to go!
The Poffs