Tuesday, September 2, 2008

fruits and veggies

God has blessed us with so much rain here this summer and Curtis invested some of his time in hooking up a drip system in Mom's garden. Here are a few pictures of our garden and the produce that we have harvested so far. Needless to say, we have quite an abundance of home-grown veggies and soon to have lots of fruits too =).


Curtis said...

Thanks for posting the pictures of the garden/orchard. I am glad that between the watering system and the rain everything is growing so well!

It looks like we got a lot of plums... what was Marissa's status about smashing plums about? What about the apples? Are we going to get much fruit from them?

Those are some of the best looking bell peppers I think our garden has produced...

marissa said...

Yes the rain has been such a blessing for us! Praise God! The other night after we harvested the plums the fruit flies were getting at them so we had to deal with them before they tuned bad. We are going to make jam with them so I was seeding them to make a pulp (which comes first in the process). After cutting the plumbs for a while I discovered that they were soft enough to squish with my fingers instead of using the knife. It's alot more fun that way. =D

Sarah said...

Do you usually get much fruit from your trees? I remember talking with one of you and learning that they didn't usually. It looks like you're getting a good harvest this year, though!

You don't suppose we could try your jam when we see you next? I'll let you try my...um...tomatoes?


caitygirl said...

Sarah, our trees haven't produced this much fruit before. Right now the plums puree is in the freezer waiting for us to get pectin, so I'm not sure how soon we will have jam (please don't wait for the jam to be finished to come see us!). You may certainly try the jam when we do get it finished. I'm excited to hear how your tomatoes worked. Did you actually make pasta sauce, or is it just tomatoes. I think we are going to be putting up tomatoes here soon (I'll post more pics in a little bit).