Tuesday, December 9, 2008

As per request....

I am posting my latest composition. You asked for it Caity. =) Enjoy.


So Similar and Yet Uniquely Different


Despite their differences, Trisha Poff and Caity Spencer have won their ways into my heart. When comparing the two, focusing on only the similar and disregarding the differences would prove simply useless. I love them both for their distinct, contrasting personalities, yet also for their equatable interests and abilities. Considering the qualities and gifts each lady has can help me to see aspects in which I must change and shape my own life and character. Such friends as these prove the most worthwhile and meaningful mentors a girl may have. Both dear friends have remarkable similarities, yet much can result from a close comparison of personalities, ways of processing thoughts, ideas, styles, and many other areas. 

Whether working in the kitchen or giving gifts, Mrs. Poff and Caity can turn anything simple into something beautiful, encouraging, and special. Adding their unique touch to any delicacy provides friends and family with food, which not only fills the stomach but also brings joy to the heart.  Creativity comes easily to both my dear friends and they share a common ability to use this gift to bless people they come in contact with. When giving gifts, Mrs. Poff and Caity have a knack for picking out a special present with which to bless the receiver. Their creativity plays into this by taking time to think of something truly meaningful and worthwhile, nonetheless, their correlation does not stop there.

Reading, writing, shopping, decorating, and girly movies, all entice both Mrs. Poff and Caity. Solid, classic literature intrigues both ladies and by such reading they improve their minds. Whether posting on blogs or journaling thoughts, both friends adore writing.  In spite of technology’s ability to quickly jot down ideas and words with the tap of the keys, both Mrs. Poff and Caity would infinitely more so enjoy a pen in hand. Letters and encouraging notes written by these loving hands continually prove a blessing to the recipient. Styles of clothing and themes for decorating have proven a common ground for discussions, however, some slight differences occur in these areas.

Even dear friends and mentors have their differences but we wouldn’t want it any other way. I think we should not like them half so much if they all possessed identical qualities, character traits, struggles, ideas, and preferences. Mrs. Poff and Caity differ on several points. First off, Mrs. Poff has married and has six delightful children. Instead of running a home of her own, Caity spends time schooling, swimming, and drawing. Blond and a Southerner at heart, Mrs. Poff has the gift of verbal communication, and though Caity does not lack it all together she must work a trifle harder to convey her thoughts verbally. Though both Caity and Mrs. Poff love color, they have separate, mismatched preferences on specific colors. Bright and fall like colors attract Caity’s eye while springtime colors enthrall Mrs. Poff. Similarities and differences between friends can draw them to each other and to other people in ways nothing else could.

Though my two dear friends have faults of their own, they provide wonderful tips and pointers regarding things I might have never picked up on. They differ in many ways but nonetheless they have just the qualities that God planned. I cannot begin to express how much these two ladies have influenced my life and taught me so much. Through hardships and trials, Mrs. Poff and Caity both have taught me so much concerning patience, perseverance, and trusting in God. Mrs. Poff and Caity have separate opinions on many things, yet nevertheless God placed them in my life for a reason and I cannot express to either of them how much God has blessed me with such spectacular, godly mentors and friends.



Curtis said...

Interesting comparison Marissa. I enjoyed reading it; thanks for sharing.

Poff Clan said...

Oh, Marissa, I give you an A+++++++! Do you think your teacher would consider me unbiased? :) Truly, your kind words are so sweet, and I'm thankful to God that I can offer encouragement to you as you grow in Him! And thank you for loving me in spite of my many faults, too! I still can't understand, though, why your Mom won't let me take Caity shoe shopping! :)
Love you much,
Mrs. Poff

Linda said...

Marissa I think this is a great compare and contrast of two wonderful ladies, both near and dear to my heart as well. Daddy told me how much he liked it as well and said what a good writer you are becoming. (big smile!)

Shoe shopping? I'm sure she would enjoy going, but buying while shopping is another matter entirely. :-)

Skeen Family said...

Marissa, I finally got a chance to sit down and read your composition. :) You did a wonderful job capturing the character of both beautiful godly women. Thank you for sharing your work with us. It's a fabulous composition.

Lots of Love,