Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today we woke to snow and have had snow off and on most of the day.  The boys enjoyed 1/2 of a day of snow play while I got some online Christmas shopping done.


Fiddlin' Girl said...

Wow!! We woke up with snow as well!!! all our friends are putting posts up of all the snow. Guess we had better snap to it....:)
Great pictures!
Sarah B.

Poff Clan said...

Ok, Linda, your dear Caity must have gotten those pictures with her fancy camera! They're so much better than my pictures! I hope everyone enjoyed their day with the snow. It looks like you got a bit more than we did, but the children made do. Love you all!
Queen Mom

Linda said...

Actually, Trisha, I took those pictures with my old little Sony Cyber-shot. The kind with the microscopic viewing window that seemed so big at the time. I can't really see to tell at the time but it does take a good picture.

Amanda said...

HA!! You guys dont have anything on Haines Alaska!! Ha I cant beleve you guys only got 3 inches while up here we got three feet of snow!! I just cant beleve it!! Oh my goodness, well if only I could have only gotten three inches! Oh well, good thought though!