Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve....

...let the games begin!

We love to play games as a family.  Up until now the boys have been pretty limited in what games they knew how to play, monopoly, checkers, go fish, and the like.  We are trying to teach them some new games over the break.  Last week I taught them Clue and we've had great fun playing that.  Today Curtis brought out Risk.  I had never played that game either so he taught the boys and I how to play.  I was quickly run out of town (I'm not too cut throat at these kinds of games) and now just Russell, Scott, and Curtis left.  

After a dinner of crepes with strawberry sauce, bacon, orange juice and coffee or tea we'll catch up on our advent readings (the guys were at a basketball game last night and so we are behind) and then watch "It's a Wonderful Life".  

I hope your families are all having a wonderful Christmas!  

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Prairie Momma said...

How wonderful!!! Seeing those men around that board reminds me of our home. The girls are always out long before the guys so we start the game as a family, and then go our separate ways - the men to conquer all while the ladies enjoy some Jane Austen or tea and sewing. Do we dare let all of our young men play that game together.......I think not yet. :):) Much love and a wonderful time of celebrating to all your dear family!!!