Sunday, February 22, 2009

goodbye swim and dive; hello 3&1/2 hours.

The 2008-2009 highschool swim season is now officially over. It was a great year and I am so glad and thankfull that Marissa and I were able to swim again during the winter months.

The season wrapped up with the State meet (two whole days) this past Friday (prelims- everybody who swam a qualifying time during the year) and Saturday (finals- the top 16 kids from prelims). Marissa went as 1st leg in the 4x50 free relay, 2nd leg in the 4x100 free relay, and alternate for the backstroke and free in the medly relay. She and her relays placed in the top 8 in both races in prelimbs and went on to finals and preceded to win 7th overall in both races. I went as alternate in breaststroke and butterfly for the medley relay and 1st alternate for the 200 free and 400 fr relay.

Marissa's best times:
27.2- 50 yard free
1:02.9- 100 yard free
1:15.0- 100 yard backstroke

My best times:
30.0- 50 yard free
1:06.0 100 yard free
1:27.0- 100 yard breaststroke
2:55.0- 200 yard IM
6:41- 500 yard free (I didn't swim this race until the end of the season, but it is now my favorite!)

Much to my disappointment my last year of highschool swimming is over. Now that Riss and I don't have practice everyday we now have a total of three and a half hours more at home. This sounds like a lot until I start writting down everything that I am going to fill it up with (sewing a dress and jacket, reading classics, continuing to keep up my drawing, and baking and cooking more of our meals). On top of these projects I am also working on a slideshow for the MHS banquet, coming up in two weeks.

*counting the days until summer league starts up =)


Ashley said...

Your basically speaking french with all the swimmers language describing the events(wink wink), but I'm glad you and Marissa had fun. Isn't it great to have something fun to do, keeping you busy during the winter months?

caity said...

haha! Sorry, but yes, Marissa and I did have a great time. It is so nice to have something that keeps you going (especially physically) in the winter. Now I just need to to keep myself motivated to keep exercising when it's cold and wind outside until it warms up. =)