Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here are two descriptions I wrote for my English class this past week. I'd love comments. =)          

  Eclectic Three Year Old Dress Up           


Sandy brown feet, with pink painted toenails, stands spread apart in a very unladylike manner upon gray speckled carpet. Stout, bare legs springing up from the feet, suddenly disappear underneath a navy, maroon, and black striped cloth wrapped, folded, and twisted casually around a slender waist. One strip of caramel suede cloth dangles limply from the folds and twists of the dark striped material posing as a skirt. Upon the waist of the kilt-like garment, a small, young hand lies pressed against the waist as if to keep the unusual costume from falling away. This hand contrasts beautifully with its rich tones to the bleach white sleeve stopping just above the boney wrist. In the center of the worn knit turtleneck three printed grey wolves sit; two at the base with their snouts stuck in the folds of the skirt and the other sits proudly with head stretched upward howling at the impish face of a little girl about the age of three. 


Gently curved, a small white chin pops up from atop the tall turtleneck shirt and smoothly changes into sweetly rounded cheeks. Pink lips, slightly parted but not smiling, add the only color to the lower portion of the tranquil face and allow only three small, white baby teeth to show. Above her mouth a button nose sits gracefully. Dark brown eyes cavort and capture the attention away from any other feature and yet they add immensely to the roguish look of the child. Nut-brown eyebrows peak out under brunette bangs, which scatter her broad forehead. Finishing off her dress up, atop her straight brown crop, a slate and ebony ‘coon skin cap sits askew with a long, fake tail ringed in fawn and chestnut bands, drapes lifelessly over her sloping shoulder, resting its tip in a caressing hand.

Order: Vertical



Peace and Tranquility on Earth

Disrupting a curvy sidewalk, a four-foot high carved, pine gate opens out onto an outdoor living space as beautiful as a dream. Just beyond the gate, a coffee table for two, complete with a white and gray stone table and two wrought iron chairs with buff colored, cushioned footstools. Rising above the distant Santa Fe Mountains, the sun peaks over the jagged, blue-green range.  Turning clockwise, a fireplace engulfed in mortared stone, varying from deep rich browns to charcoal gray, stands straight and tall with chimney pointing to the sky. Orange and blue flames leap upward and the smell of cedar and pine drifts in the air to accompany the sound of sap crackling on the logs. Around the base of the fire, sheets of terracotta rock lay, never TIRE of providing a seat for relaxing visitors. Two large metal chairs stand with foot rests waiting to cushion the feet of any occupant. In between the two chairs sits an identical couch upon which a young lady with golden brown, curly hair lounges engulfed in a novel and enjoying an alfresco morning.


Beyond the fireplace and chairs, a tile counter extends elegantly spread with a pile of buttered waffles, slivers of smoked bacon, small pitchers of maple syrup and strawberry sauce, and a jug of orange juice. Reaching up toward the roof, a stone column graces the corner of the bar. Making a 90-degree angle, a grill and two stovetop burners ensconced on the counter. Below a miniature refrigerator stands read to chill any beverage. Six hefty chairs with a thatched iron back and chestnut upholstery dance around a table of similar dark stones and light tiles, enticing many to come relax in the soft seats. Nestled against the wall of the house, a bed of soil and mulch provide a home to six rose bushes beautifully displaying a variety of shape, color, and fragrance. Sliding, double doors of glass open wide into a kitchen. To the right of the entry, an alluring porch swing glides fluently in the benevolent breeze. Four slender, gold chains link up to hooks upon open rafters, which support the roof. Completing the circle brings the onlooker back to the wooden gate with four indented rectangles and a hollow flower pattern cut from the center of each.

Order: Circular 


Praising Him said...

Bravo, bravo! Wonderfully done, Rissie! :) Are you going to start a book? ;)Both of them were very descriptive, well, descriptive enough so that the reader can get a good picture and yet it didn't go overboard. :) Just what I like! LOL :)
Love you lots!!
Sarah Bear

Ashley said...

Very well done Marissa! I felt the images forming in my mind as I read. You are very talented. I like to think of myself as a writer as well, but I seem to have trouble describing things as simply and yet as thoroughly as you did in those pictures. Great Job!