Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Only three days to go!

Some of you may know that I lost my dear old black lab in September. Well, for Christmas I received a certificate for a new lab of my choice. I decided to wait till we got a little closer to the end of school so I would have more time to spend with an energetic, lively puppy! All along I had been hoping to find a black lab from the breeder who we got Sally from before, however, we were told they probably wouldn't have black pups till around the end of the year. This being the case, and willing to wait, I was least expecting Dad to come home from work last friday with a listing of lab puppies advertised in the paper! More still, was I shocked to find that the breeder, Galen Rumph's name was among them and he had 4-5 black females left!

I immediately called him and arranged to go look at them the following morning. 
I fell in love with them all, but keep my head on my shoulders and truly gave thought to the pros and cons of getting one of these pups, waiting for a pup that had been born that morning, holding out for the end of the school year all together, and whatnot. I did however choose to put my name on the list for one of these adorable puppies! =) There were 9 black females in the litter and I am 6th on the list so I'm not sure which one will be mine, but I'll find out on Saturday when I go to pick her up. =) Trust me, there will be many pictures to follow! 
Anyway, to start off, here are some pictures of the preparation. ;)

Caity and I made a spot in our room by cleaning out and removing one shelf in a corner to provide a nook for her bed. 

And of course we can't let Buck feel neglected and unloved by all the attention this puppy will get. =)


Scribe said...

Thanks for the post, Marissa! I know how exciting it is getting a new pet (like when I got Lewis). I can't wait to see the puppy! Enjoy the time with your new lab!


Spencer Mom said...

Marissa, we are all so excited for you (and for all of us). I know you will select a beautiful, sweet, and intelligent little puppy. Thanks for sharing your joy with us.

Annina said...

Yeah Marissa! How fun! I wish they always stayed puppies (and never ran away!) Speaking of which, I'd better check to see if my lab is still hanging around the house or if she's on another jaunt. Enjoy your new baby for me!

Love you,

PrincessR said...

I can't wait to see pictures! I am excited for you. I know you will enjoy her. :) (Even with chewed up shoes and new rules to learn!)
Love you!