Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What'd you do with Russell????

Yesterday, Russell had a very good afternoon and cheerfully helped and served to get dinner ready. Mark hadn't known that Momma changed the chore chart around a bit and ended up doing some of Russell's work; when Russell finished the rest of his work he willing jumped in to help Mark. Russell was quick to offer kinds words to everyone with a happy countenance. After asking Momma if there was anything she needed him to do, Momma surprised turned to him and said to him
"What'd you do with Russell?" and commented on how delightful it was when he was happy and willing to serve. Russell replied..
"I've turned him into a good boy!" =) 


Sarah said...

How wonderful, Russell! Isn't it rewarding to be a blessing to your family?!
Marissa, thanks for sharing this; it was so precious and...inspiring,actually. :)

Hugs to a faithful mom and dad. :)
These little victories make life so sweet!

Scribe said...

Way to go, Russell! Keep it up! :)


Fiddlin' Girl said...

Great Job, Russell! That is truly a man of God. :) I am so proud of you and can't wait to see you tomorrow!