Saturday, March 28, 2009


Thursday, I painted the dog bowls just for fun. Oh, and yes, her name is Mandy. 

After we picked her up we ran several errands. Mandy just lay in my lap most of the time. At REI, the twins and I took her to play on the grass. By the time we got home this was all she wanted to do....

 She slept for awhile (Mom checked on her more than I did) ;) We've taken several trips outside (not had an accident yet) and we've started to venture around the house together and learn where things are. She found bucks bed....

Mandy's current position: sleeping at my feet :D

Buck has not been forgotten! He is still very loved. He has taken well to the new addition. He likes to smell her and watch her when she moves, but he has not gotten mad at her. 


Poff Clan said...

She's adorable, Marissa! And, I love the dog bowls...such a happy touch that I know will make dinner time that much more special. :)
Mrs. Poff

PrincessR said...

Yeah! She is sooo cute! Glad Buck is accepting her, that is always good. Can't wait to see her.
Love you and enjoy your new puppy!

Fiddlin' Girl said...

Oh she is WAY TOO cute, Rissie!!!! :) Thanks SO much for posting pictures!! Aw, I hope that we have book discussion at your house so we can see her while she is still small and adorable.
Glad that Buck is taking well to her. It is always a little nerve racking when you have to constantly watch them to make sure they don't get into a fight. :) I am also sure that Miss Mandy (nice name by the way ;)) is very submissive. ;)

Love you lots!!!
Sarah Bear

Mountain Momma said...

Oh my, she is absolutely adorable! How could you just not love that little puppy face, with her saggy, baggy skin! Too cute!