Sunday, April 26, 2009

ice cream sunday

Today we celebrated our two year anniversary of adopting Mark Edward, Scott Daniel, and Russell Jeremiah. We ate a late lunch after coming home from church, so for a lighter dinner we decided on ice cream. Each topping we enjoyed were for someone (or two =p) special:

caramel syrup (Rissie and Scott)
chocolate syrup (Mom and Russell)
peanuts (me and Dad)
M&Ms (Rissie and Russell)
coconut (Curtis and Mom)
whipped cream (Mark and me)
maraschino cherries (Curtis and Scott)

We love you boys!


Meghan said...

Oh yummy. That looks like fun. We also had cold treats on Sunday.
We had 40 people over for video-study so we made frappacinos for the adults and we had ice cream cones for the kids. It was really yummy. :)

Love you all!

Fiddlin' Girl said...

Mmm, that looks like a yummy dinner! :) It looks much more appealing than those pictures of the dissection of the frog!! :(-
(Which, by the way, I couldnt bring myself to look at!)
We made homemade chocolate ice cream last night for a special treat. It was just milk, choc. syrup, and sweet and condensed milk. As I was eating, I commented, "Mm, this tastes like frozen chocolate milk!" Caleb looked at me. "yeah, it is." (in that kind of 'duh' voice).
"Oh....right." :)
Write me soon, Rissie! LYB ~S.B.

PrincessR said...

Yeah!! I can't believe it has been only two years! Yeah!!