Friday, October 16, 2009

Endeavor day 6

We only had a few hours in the morning before we left...not much to tell about, right? WRONG!

Marissa and two friends decided to get up early and go swimming in the freezing lake:

We said good-bye to all our friends and loaded up in the van for our hour-long ride to the Atlanta Airport. I got to sit with and talk to Mrs. Gebert--a great way to end an amazing week!

Our flight home was interesting. We were dropped off at the airport early (round 12:00 and our flight wasn't until 4:30). So after we waited with the others and walked the last girl to her gate, Marissa and I headed over to our gate (since I was navigating the airport, Marissa looked up our gate number) and we found a good place to sit and wait. We pulled out the laptop and watched part of a movie and got a bite to eat. Then we realized that we had 15 minutes till our plane is supposed to leave and we hadn't heard anything about boarding. AH! so we pulled out our boarding passes and found out that we had gotten to the wrong gate. We got to the right gate (only 5 gates down) only to find out that it left early!!! so after waiting all that time we had to wait another 2 hours to catch the next fight home. But we did get home that night after 7.5 hours in the airport. whew. What a memorable way to end a fantastic week, right? =)


Sarah said...

Poor girls! I'll bet you were wiped. What did you do to pass time after your movie? If you were in Denver, I would have suggested riding the trains back and forth- I've done that before ;).

Marissa said...

Well, Caity was a good girl and did some reading for school....I on the other hand decided to sleep. It's funny how when you stress over something, it makes you tired. I wasn't tired until we missed the flight and then (especially because it was my fault) I was really tired.