Friday, October 16, 2009

lots of new friends!

all of the girls and staffers

Marissa, Hollie, Anna-Kate, and Valen

Bryn and Me

Marissa and Kristy

Brianna, Catherine and Me

Marissa's car-full of girls

Me, Adele, Sarah, and Kristy

Hollie and Marissa

Mary Beth, Kaylen, and Me

Marissa and Bryn

Kaylen and Me

Tara, Marissa, and Mollie

Me and Aryn

Paige, Carolyn, and Rebekah

My roomies (we had the smallest room, but the best rendezvous ever!): Paige, Me, Rachel, and Kristy

Rachel and Me

Hannah and Marissa

There were five "katies" there! (one was staff, Kati, and I didn't get her): Katie, Caity, Katie, and Katie

Tarah and Marissa

Mrs. Childers and Me

Marissa and Betsy

Paige and Me

the staffers minus just a couple:
Paige, Carolyn, Bryn, Brianna, Rebekah, and Anna-Kate


Fiddlin Girl said...

Cool pics Caity!! So, since I haven't been on in FOREVER!! is this endeavor thing some conference y'all went to?? cool! Looks like, from the recent posts, that y'all are learning a lot and having lots of fun. :)

Kathleen D. said...

Great pictures! I also really like the new layout. =)

caitygirl said...

hey Sarah, Endeavor is a camp that Marissa and I attended in Atlanta Georgia. It was a blast and we learned so much! We'll have to tell you all about it, next time we get together (hint, hint)

thanks Kathleen, I really like it too =)

Courtney said...

It's so fun to see all the pictures! And it's so fun to see people I know meeting people I'm related to! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. :)