Wednesday, October 28, 2009

first snow this fall


we still have flowers blooming!

snowing on the "date-table"

more hollyhocks

and yours truly


Marissa said...

the trees and everything turn into a gorgeous winter wonderland when there's snow. Even though I don't always appreciate the cold weather, i guess I can't say that I don't like the snow. =) You have such a great eye for neat pictures Caity! Good job! Love you. =)

Curtis said...

Come on... that's two years in a row now that it has snow in NM before it has snowed here!

I really like the perspective on that first picture, Caity.

Meghan said...

YEAH for NM SNOW!!!!!!!

I was so excited to wake up to snow this morning, Riley went out and took some pictures and I"ll probably take a snow walk and get some more. :)

You got some really great pictures Caity. Ahh, if only I had as much talent and creativity that you have in your little finger....sewing, cooking, drawing, scrapbooking, hair design, photography. You're incredible and I love you!

Kathleen D. said...

Beautiful pictures, Caity. I'm still pretty shocked that you have snow before first. I guess NM isn't one entire desert, huh?