Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Really? Truly?

I do believe spring is finally here. The winds have come, the juniper pollen is blowing, the temperatures are swinging back and fourth between the 50's and 70's, and yes, even the flowers dare to bud. =)

A beautiful, lonely, tulip budding in the back yard.

Another sign of spring, is that Mandy is now going for a swim every day.

My old alarm clock broke and before I pitched it, I took out the batteries and opened it up to have a look inside. =) I find things like this fascinating and I'd love to know how all that works!

Some pretty house plants
Easter Lilly
Beautiful hydrangeas given to us by some friends

Fruit tree blossoms


Vanessa said...

Same here.I love taking things apart
too when I have time. I actually did
that with an old camera one time that
I actually wanted to keep but sadly
enough...I never could get it back together again.(I don't think I will
try that with my new camera:)

Spencer Mom said...

Ah, yes, Really, Truly! Spring does seem to really be here to stay! The grass is fully green now, the peonies and other perennials are peeking their heads out of the ground. Hopefully we'll get the rest of our moisture in rain but any snows from here on out should be short lived (just hoping there aren't anymore hard freezes!).

Happy Spring!