Friday, April 30, 2010

A (not so little) Little Happy

Recently my dear Mother gave me a gift card to Anthropology. One beautiful, sunny day Caity had time to go with me to do some shopping, just for fun, so of course Anthro was on the list. I love their dish towels, which I learned my my dear sister, Janet in MS, gave me one a while back. So when I came across these I knew they were going to be part of my "happy".

They also have some great dishes and I've been looking at a set for quite a while. I don't really "need" new dishes so I've just enjoyed looking. I do however always "need" more serving bowls of various sizes so these were just perfect.

Caity found a book she'd seen there previously and really liked so she got a "little" happy too. :-) We had a great day. Thanks Mom!!!!


The Poff Clan said...

Such pretty finds, Marissa, and it's always great to read about the sweet relationship you and Caity share.

ruth@gracelaced said...

Anthro is, hands down, my most favorite place to be (inspired!) I told my sweet hubby last time we were there, that I could easily enjoy a $500 shopping spree in the home department alone. So so fun. Thanks for sharing!