Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what a commentary

On my Mac, I get daily comics (as anyone in my family can tell you, I don't read them often, but today I did). This one stood out to me.
Whatever happened to taking pride in making something beautiful--even with something as simple as handwriting? The days when people actually wrote letters and knew how exciting it was to open the mailbox and find hand addressed envelopes instead of rubbishy magazines. O, the joy of opening a letter covered in beautiful, dark curls and swirls of ink! Texting is useful--sometimes--but really, wouldn't most of what is said in txt messages be much more meaningful in a letter or phone call? What happened to being willing to take the time to be more personal with those you care about? It has been replaced with a false sense of familiarity with lots of people instead of with the few who really care.

Take some time to invest in those you love and share with them the joys of simple beauty.


Claire said...

Amen and amen. :) which reminds me, I have a letter I need to finish writing.

ruth@gracelaced said...

I've totally been guilty of letting the beautiful, sentimental art of handwritten cards go by the wayside. I still think the same thoughts of gratitude or admiration, but it's really not the same when you have to use emoticons to describe how "smily" you are! Handwriting communicates the value and joy that someone feels. Thanks for the post. :) ha.

Prairie Momma said...

That is pretty good... sad, but too true!

By the Way, I awarded Marissa and Caity over at our blog!