Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hospitable Haircuts?

My sister has been given an amazing ability to make everything beautiful. The ways she pulls simple things together and takes what seems to be useless and turns them into a master piece leaves us befuddled. Whether putting cheese and crackers on a platter, pulling accessories together to make an outfit, creating a unique shirt or apron for a friend, decorating the table for a meal, or giving a hair cut, Caity constantly astounds us with her creativity and ability to make everything beautiful. If you didn't notice in the list above, the majority of her time is not spent on herself or doing things to satisfy her, instead she is mastering the art of service and hospitality.

This afternoon a friend of ours was over for a hair cut and perm, in the laundry room of all places, but had it not been for the washer and dryer, it would be difficult to realize it wasn't a sitting room. A pretty cloth laid over the baskets of clothes, everything set out and ready, peaceful music playing, a cup of hot tea or glass of cold water ready to be poured, a spring scented candle freshening the air in anticipation of the toxic perm solution, a smiling face ready to talk, and a fan cooling the windowless room on this warm spring afternoon. What hair solon exudes such hospitality and beauty? Who would think to make the environment pretty while cutting hair? I wouldn't consider the garage, but I certainly wouldn't normally think to prepare the space other than pick up clutter and make sure the floor is clean. =) My sister's God-given ability is a blessing in and of itself, but even more so when she uses it to bless others. And how blessed I am to have such as sister from whom I can learn so much! =) I love you Caity. You inspire me.


Trisha said...

How wonderful! Hmmm, just where would the two of you learned such beautiful ways to extend hospitality....even during a haircut? I always say that your Mom has been a supreme example of Christian hospitality, and now her daughters are such lovely examples as well. How blessed your friend must have been, Caity, for giving of your time and of your heart. And, Marissa, how blessed Caity must be to have such loving words from her dear sister. Love you both!

caitygirl said...

Marissa, you are so sweet. Thanks for this lovely post and spending your time writing it--you make me smile. love you SO much!

Spencer Mom said...

I am so blessed. I love both you girls so much!!!! Marissa your words are true, lovely, and honoring. We are so encouraged by your love shown through words. Caity your ability to make every thing beautiful is a blessing to us all.

Thank you Lord for the blessing of children!!!