Saturday, May 8, 2010

These are all crochet projects that I've made over the past year or so.

This one is an afghan I made just before this past Christmas. It was very simple and I whipped it out in about a week. It's really soft and is the current resident on my bed. =)
Up close of the pattern
This is a blue and brown baby blanket I made started on Monday
on the outer edge, I did a scalloped shell border
I made this afghan for Caity in March.
I did a shell pattern with a border
This took first place in the state fair a year or two ago
Theses are three coordinating baby blankets. I get baby blanket yarn when it's on sale and make blankets for people I know. I also just gave a bag of them to CareNet.
Another baby blanket in the shell pattern (it's one of my favorites) =)


Curtis said...

I definitely like the first one the best. I can't believe you got that done in a week; it certainly doesn't look that easy!

VWCocoa said...

Wow! Awesome Job! You have an eye for color. I love
brown and pink. It would have taken me a whole month+ to get that afghan completed!
Lovez VNessa

Fiddlin Girl said...

Great Job Rissie!! Love the blankets.. so glad you were able to actually accomplish the task of getting some made and given to CareNet!! Iam afraid I still haven't done any.. oh well, might have lots of left over yarns from orders, so I will whip out some granny squares! lol

Great job and love the colors!


ruth@gracelaced said...

I'm so behind on your blog! I didn't know you crochet too! So, when are we getting together for Anne of Green Gables and crochet? :) Very lovely.

The Poff Clan said...

These are all so lovely! Thank you for blessing us with some of your talent. :)