Monday, September 7, 2009

apron 1

The week before school started, Marissa and I took Mom by Anthropologie, in the ABQ Uptown shopping center (we stumbled upon it earlier this summer while we were killing time). Anthropologie has everything from clothes to bedding to perfume to cookbooks-- and their inventory changes all the time! The only downside is the outrageous prices...but it make a place of inspiration for my creations. One great find was an apron made of lots of different fabrics that was also very feminine. Today I didn't have much homework, so I was in the sewing room--of course, trying to replicate the apron! Here's my take on it:

For all our dear friends who love to wear aprons, I will hopefully be adding to (and replacing!!) our collection in the coming days and weeks =)


Sarah said...

CAITY... this is one more reason I love you.

The apron is darling! Can't wait to see all you make!
Love and miss you!

Marissa said...

Don't I have an amazing sister? =) She is so creative, gifted, and talented. I wouldn't trade her for anything. Cute apron Caity! You're skills astound me!

Meghan said...

Very adorable apron. It is so feminine and yet very practical as it covers a lot.

Now what friends could you possibly mean? Are there really people that come and wear your aprons? :-)

Love and Hugs!

Spencer Mom said...

Caity, I love the apron and can't wait to see our apron wall full of beautiful, new, feminine aprons. This style, in beautiful floral fabrics is sure to be a favorite. :-) You are so talented to be able to take something you've only seen once and recreate it so accurately. What a gift! Hugs!!!

Queen Mom said...

This is so lovely! Oh, how God has gifted you. Amazing. Amazing.
Love you!

Kathleen D. said...

So you didn't even have a pattern? Amazing! God really filled your talent department. =)