Monday, September 28, 2009

Long over due

I've been meaning to post pictures of our garden this summer/fall, but life has been very busy since I took the pictures that I have not had the time until now amongst study, sleep, and meals (all very important parts of my day). Mom and the boys (and Curtis when he was home), were the main caretakers of the garden this year. God blessed us with an abundance of produce; enough to share. The boys kept the weeds under control for the most part up until we went on our two week trip, we came back to find the weeds had exploded without permission. ;) But, without further delay; the pictures....

Green beans (only part of them)
Momma picking from the green bean trellis
Part of Curtis' raspberries (we consider them his because he has put the most work into them and were it not for his care and interest in them, we would have them as we do now. He's very generous to share. ;)
A loaded branch. This fall, as they really started their mass production, we had to pick almost every two days! Now its slowed down to just weekends, but this may be our last week for them.
Right of the vine

Good thing we froze some =)
Even though we ate a number of raspberries and were able to share some, we have two buckets full in the freezer. (There are a couple black berries on top here).
We got a couple strawberries from my plants, but most of the time the bugs enjoyed them before they were quite ripe enough for our tastes.

We have loads of onion this year, some of which I believe is still from last fall. Mom hopes to dehydrate several to have on hand.

A variety of yellow squash
Granny smith apples
Rome apples. After working around spots and worm holes, Momma made apple sauce with homegrown apples. Enough to put a couple containers in the freezer. Some sweet friends picked up some Dixon apples when they went last week, and we are hoping to process them this week.

God has certain blessed us greatly with delicious food and produce from our own garden. We are also so thankful that we have peaches, green chile, and soon apple sauce put up for the next several months. We'll see how long the raspberries last when Curtis gets home. ;)
Till next time.


Kathleen D. said...

Wow, that's quite the garden!
"I will sing unto the LORD, because He hath dealt bountifully with me."

Amanda said...

WOW! Thats is a great graden! We were not able to have one here, because when you live in Alaska if you want your own veggies then you have to have a green house. which we do not have yet.
MISS you guys!