Thursday, September 24, 2009

family funnies

Scott shopping at Walmart and asked Marissa: "Why do they sell used jeans?" (referring to ripped, faded and distressed jeans)

Russell at breakfast: "Anyone want to split me?" (split a biscuit)

Late-night, last-night I walk into our room and crawl into bed. You have to know that Marissa likes to go to bed around 9:30 whereas I prefer to stay up (somewhere between 10:30 and 12:00) and get more things done at night. That being said: Marissa sits up in bed, stretches, and rubs her eyes (she has recently started talking and moving in her sleep. So far these happenings have only occurred twice: she sat up in bed and watched me putting things away and then flopped on the bed, and the other time had a most interesting conversation with me...she has no recollection of either) so I just had to check. =p

me: "Rissie are you awake?"
M: "mhmm yeah."
me: "good-morning!" (totally kidding)
M: "good-morning." *waking up*
me: *getting worried*
M: "I would have thought my alarm would have gone off."
me: "it's still dark Rissie..."
M: *moving towards her alarm (at the foot of her bed) "I know, what time is it?"
me: "uh...11:00..."


Scribe said...

Haha, very funny! I tried to pull the same joke on one of my brothers that you pulled on Marissa, only I didn't have the success you did! :)

Curtis said...

Scott, I've wondered the same thing myself many times before. What's more, the grubby jeans cost more!

Russell, I'll split you anytime. You should have put the other half of the biscuit in the box you sent up.

Rissie, I'm not sure what to say... you're a parasomniac!