Wednesday, September 2, 2009

it's that time again

Time to process peaches! Our family has picked/bought peaches every summer since I can remember. It's always a great time in the kitchen with everyone working, talking, and enjoying themselves. One of my favorite memories is driving down to Las Cruces and staying with Nana and Grandad for a couple days. During our stay we would pick peaches at an orchard (sometimes with cousins too!) and process them all in Nana's kitchen--I always get to skin the fruit in the ice water, it's tradition. =) This year was a bit different, though: Curtis wasn't here--we miss you! Mother Dear, Marissa and I were able to boil, skin, slice, sweeten, and bag half of the juicy goodness last night. Two bushels left for tonight.


Marissa said...

I love the new background Caity! Thanks for updating it. =) It's so happy. Those peaches are well worth the effort and it's a wonderful family tradition too. Thanks for making it even more fun.

Kathleen D. said...

Wow! I've always wanted to learn to do stuff like that! So those are destined for the freezer, right? Have you done canning or jam-making, too?


caity said...

sure Rissie. it was fun. no reservations about peaches now! ;)

hey Kathleen, no we haven't canned any peaches this year, but I am going to look into making peach jelly. I think I can juice the peach skins and get enough to make at least one jar. These peaches are going to the freezer. =) Mom does know how to can and make jam, but we haven't done it recently. Next time she does, though, I hope to learn.

Kathleen D. said...

Go for it, girl! Jelly making is a wonderful skill. Take full advantage of the canning/preserving part of your Mom's brain. =)