Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crooked Strudel

This past weekend I took on the adventure of making a pastry. A friend of mine had showed me the recipe and I decided to try it. It took quite some effort to prepare the dough itself, but it was so yummy. Once the dough was made, which the easy part, it had to be rolled out, buttered, folded, and refrigerated; then rolled, folded, and refrigerated again; then repeat twice more.

This is the apple, sugar, cinnamon mixture that makes the filling

The dough all rolled out with the filling on it


With the egg's a little crooked... =)

Strudel topping

Ready for the oven



It took quite a long time for all the steps, but it was quite enjoyable to make.

P.S. We are eagerly awaiting the purchase of vanilla ice cream, which we found last night we were out of, on which to sprinkle the left over strudel topping and the sauce from the apples. =)


Curtis said...

... and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the strudel you mailed up to me! ;-) Just kidding. But I do wish I could be there to test it (for "quality assurance purposes, of course").

caitygirl said...

you'll be glad to know half of it is in the freezer...=)

it is SO yummy!

Mrs. Poff said...

Oh, Marissa, what a treat! I'm so impressed. It does look absolutely delicious. How long would you say it took to prepare the dough? You and Caity are offering baking classes to the little girls in church, right? :) Great job!

Claire said...

Oh my goodness, YUM. Making strudel is on my todo list for this year. Any tips??

Camilla said...

It's gorgeous, Marissa. Again, I admire you for taking on that project! It looks like one of those things that's too pretty to eat.

Kathleen D. said...

Um wow. That looks fabulous! I've never had srudel with homemade dough; Philo (or Filo?) from the store works really well, but I bet yours tastes better.

Kathleen D. said...
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