Thursday, January 7, 2010

NY: day 3

New Years' Day.

Sarah, Daddy, and I working in the kitchen
*Prime Rib
*steamed broccoli
*sweet potato casserole
*crescent rolls

a walk-turned snowball fight =)

fun and games:

Monopoly Deal. I am convinced this is the best way to play the classic capitalism game. It takes roughly 10 minutes and it's just as much fun!

Pict-a-phone. 1) write a phrase. 2) pass it to the next person. 3) draw the phrase. 4) pass it to the next person. 5) interpret the drawing and write a phrase. 6) repeat until the phrase has gone around the circle. 7) flip through the pages, seeing how morphed the original phrase became.

wiped out

1 comment:

Meghan said...

I LOVE all the pictures Caity, thank you so much for posting. I really like the picture of Uncle Chris laughing during the game. It makes me smile.
We had such a wonderful time, I can't think of a better group of people to spend the weekend with.
Remember, the Skeens are ready for a Spencer FAMILY visit to Aztec as soon as you can get here. :)
Love you all!