Wednesday, October 22, 2008

extreme makeover- gown edition

Marissa and I were cleaning out, straightening up, and trying to make more room in our closet. I looked in a hard-to-get-to corner and found several dresses that we had made either just for fun, or we had really worn them but they are by this time too big or small. So I dragged out this dresses and fabric scraps (by "scrap" I don't mean small pieces trimmed off the sides of seams, they are truly large pieces of fabric- by not following lay-out directions, we have saved quite a bit of fabric- a pitty we can't guess how much we can save before we buy it all). Remembering that many of the dress-ups in my box were beginning to wear out; ideas and images started fashioning themselves in my mind. I have now cut up several lengths of "scraps" and one dress. The result: two dress-up dresses and so many more designs. =D I am now planning on renovating the other dresses in the dress-up box. For those ones I'll be sure to take before and after pictures.

this is what I started with

gown 1

gown 2

All I need now are some princesses...


Sarah said...

Oo! Oo! Pick me!

Caity, those are just amazing. What a fun idea, too!
Love you so much!


Queen Mom said...

I have three princesses just waiting for you!:) These are so lovely. God has given you such a gift, Caity.
Queen Mom

Panda said...

Wow! Caity you did an excelent job! I really like the first one! I cant beleve you made those from scraps. I hope you find your princess to wear them.