Monday, October 27, 2008


Marissa and I have eagerly been awaiting the commencement of the Manzano High School swim team. Back at the beginning of October, I emailed one of my coaches asking for her to let me know when the parent meeting is and when practice started (the highschool assumes that we will get all the info we need from being at school, so communication really lacks when it comes to getting the word out to us!). Well, I had been thinking that it was getting awfully late in the October and swimming really should be starting by now. So, this morning I googled MHS and found the website. Guess what!? The first swim practice was this afternoon! We sped up school and got all our subjects finished so we could go. I swam 1850 meters, ah it feels so good to get out of the pool tired! Yes, Marissa and I are so excited to finaly be swiming again! Now, we just have to fill out all the paper work and we'll officially be on the team.

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Prairie Momma said...

Yikes! That would be quiet a surprise! Glad that you all were able to make it any way!
Sarah B.