Sunday, October 12, 2008

power outtage and a celebration = a full house

This morning we get a call and find out that the electricity in Edgewood had been out since the last night. So, amid breakfast preparations, we scrambled to pick up school books that were out, dishes that we had not put away the night before, move chairs and tables around to make room to host church in our home, eat breakfast, and make baked beans for lunch. Since Curtis is home this week (YAY!!!!!) we were already planning to cook burgers for everyone, so it worked out great. After the service and lunch the six little girls and I headed back to my room. I pulled down the dress-up box and each of the little girls picked out a gown, had it pinned up, and then stood in line to get their hair done. Unfortunatly I brought my camera out too late and Rue and Judith Allison were already on the way home and some of the curls were starting to fall out. Here are some pictures of the fair maidens:

enjoying a hot cup of tea and an m&m cookie

Emma Radigan

Emma Poff

Charlotte Radigan

Ella Poff

and of course the boys, who love tea as much as any of us, could not be left out:

Luke Poff and our favorite Russell

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Poff Clan said...

Aw, thanks for the pictures! It makes up a bit for my not being there. I missed all of you. Thanks for making sure the children had such a great time!
Queen Mom