Thursday, October 23, 2008

a special night with the boys

Mom and Dad went out to dinner with some people from work, so Marissa and I watched the boys for the evening. We built a tent in their room using blankets, clothespins, furniture, and dictionaries. After we cleaned up dinner, ran the boys through the shower, and washed up the dishes, I decided to be fun. Earlier this morning Momma made us some vanilla pudding (YUMMY!). I took that and bowls and spoons back to the tent. Yes, we actually ate our pudding, very carefully, by flashlight, under a bunch of blankets. What fun! Marissa, wanting to have evidence we really did eat in the bedroom, grabbed my camera and made it back...right after we finished the last bite...

so much for a candid shot, ah well =D


Prairie Momma said...

How fun! We like doing that with the boys sometimes! Looks like the boys were enjoying it a lot! :)
Love ya!
Sarah B.

Poff Clan said...

Oh, how blessed your sweet brothers are. You can see the delight on their faces. It's those little things that make such a big difference. I know they're so thankful for their fun and thoughtful sisters.
Queen Mom

Rebecca said...

What fun! I know they enjoyed it- and what memories you just created.