Friday, October 17, 2008

playin the part of a barista

Well, Curtis' week off from school is almost to an end; his eight days home flew by so fast! Tonight I made coffee drinks for all of us over the age of 15 ;)

Mom's Chai Latte

Curtis's Carmel Frappuccino

Rissie's Carmel Latte

Daddy's and My frappuccino

then just a random pic =)

"Davie Crockett" and Marissa


Linda said...

And that chai latte was soooo good! Thank you sweet Caity girl.

Curtis said...

That drink was really good! Thanks for making them.

You're right, that 8 day break did go by fast, but 4 weeks will find me back home for Thanksgiving. Speaking of time flying by... Looking forward to being back already (and I haven't even left the airport!

Poff Clan said...

Caity, those drinks look so yummy! I could use decaf--I know Scribe and Little Big Man would love those drinks. What a nice treat for Curtis.
Queen Mom