Tuesday, May 12, 2009

~dîner dehors~

Tonight the freshman reserved West of Paris, a fancy French restaurant that occupies a corner of the NSA school building. About 45 of the 60 1st year classmate attended. One of the girls who I have gotten to know offered to lend me one of her formal dresses for the night--and of course I jumped on the offer!

the dress =)


my handsom date

everyone had a personalized place card

the menu- I actually have a copy of this to scrapbook!

Salade de fromage de chévre frais aux croútons á l'ail (mixed greens topped with fresh goat cheese and garlic croutons)

Canard á la Marseillaise; flambé in Marseillais Pastis liquor (roasted duckling filet served with an orange reduction) -yes I went for something other than chicken, and I liked it! I also ate a WHOLE shrimp at the beginning of the meal.

a light raspberry mouse with whipped cream and a delicious mint leaf (the palate cleanser)

Chocolate Mint Créme Brúlée

lots of talking and laughing and picture taking between courses

most of the freshmen girls and me


Annina said...

Caity, sounds like a lot of fun! Your dress is gorgeous and you looked great.


Spencer Mom said...

It looks like a spectacular evening. You look lovely in that dress. How nice of Kathleen to share. Good for you stretching like that to eat both shrimp and duck. I'm sure it was an evening memories are made of. Thanks for sharing a bit of it with us.

Claire said...

That was amazing!! I'm so glad you got to be here for it! :-D

Fiddlin' Girl said...

That is a really pretty dress, Caity! Thanks for posting all the pictures and telling us what you have been up to. :)
Your dinner looked very refined indeed! ;)

Mrs. Poff said...

You're simply stunning, Caity! I'm so glad you were able to enjoy such a special dinner with Curtis. What a wonderful experience.
Mrs. Poff