Friday, May 15, 2009

In Honor of a Birthday

May 16th is a very special day to me because it marks the anniversary of the life of a very sweet, dear friend. So in celebration of the precious life of this special friend and mentor, I am going to list several (there are tons!) of things I love about her. 

Mrs. Poff:
1. loves the Lord with all her heart, mind, and soul.
2. continually praises God for His abounding goodness.
3. is (along with Mr. Poff) raising seven precious children to walk in the ways of the Lord. 
4. is an amazing example of godly womanhood; I admire her tremendously.
5. keeps a home not a house; it always smells nice, looks beautiful, feels like home, and overflows with love. 
6. encourages people with words of inspiration, notes of kindness, and gifts of love. 
7. challenges me to think about the things I do and read. 
8. allows me to practice being a "mother's helper."
9. has a countenance of joy. 
10. shares stories, struggles, passions, and hopes.
11. is willing and able to actually discuss classic books (if I could ever actually finish one). 
12. challenges friends and family through frequent blog posts on life, books, and thoughts. 
13. considers children as blessings from the Lord and has placed her family size in God's hands.
14. remembers and prays for the things going on in friends' lives. 
15. shares in the joys and sorrows of friends.
16. is a wonderful role model and mentor.

I am so BLESSED to have you in my life Mrs. Poff. I love you! Happy Birthday. =D


Poff Clan said...

OH, Marissa, I'm just sitting here crying...yes, you know sentimental Mrs. Poff! What a beautiful and yet undeserved blessing! I'm so touched that you took the time to bless me in such a special way...if only I could truly be all those things before I die.:) Our family thanks God all of the time for giving us blessings that we don't are one of those, and you inspire me to keep pressing on. Thank you for knowing my faults and loving me so graciously anyway.
More hugs than you can imagine,
Mrs. Poff

Spencer Mom said...

Marissa, I can't think of a nicer gift to this wonderful lady than the gift of words. Mrs. Poff is indeed a woman to be admired. She is a wonderful mentor for both of you girls and I, too, am quite thankful for her. Thank you for your blessing to her (since I know words are her favorite "flavor"; of course I couldn't say favorite color, since even words pale in comparison to PINK!)