Thursday, May 14, 2009

Home-made Fried Chicken

As part of my cooking spree I decided to try my hand at fried chicken. I had tried an oven baked fried chicken before which was yummy, but I wanted to go for REAL fried chicken this time. So I did. =) 
Fried in oil
Creamed corn
Creamed corn, green beans, and fried chicken.


Mrs. Poff said...

Fried you know that I'd take that over French cuisine anyday....(chuckle, chuckle) (I admire Caity, you know!) It looks so delicious....Great job
Mrs. Poff

caity said...

it looks soooo good. I'm just sorry I missed it

Fiddlin' Girl said...

So, it looks like you are totally enjoying doing the cooking while Caity is gone!! ;) LOL
That looks really good. I should never look at your blog right before lunch..... LYB!
Love ya!! ~S.B.