Friday, May 15, 2009

MOCOW part3

It was a lovely morning--no wind, rain, or hot sun, the birds were out chirping, and the flowers still blooming (sounds like the start to a storybook, just put a "once upon a time" at the beginning)--I went for a nice long walk this morning down Blaine to 6th, down 6th almost to main, back to the apartment, then over to 3rd (I saw a really neat looking flower the other day, but didn't have the camera with me, so I went back to get it), and then back again to the apartment. Here's what I found:

every shape, size, and color of tulips can be found around town

a porch swing...imagine how nice it would be to sit out there with a friend or a book

a side gate

paper whites

this is actually a tree in bloom

it looks like they even come up "volunteer"

a furry little friend

most of the streets have large trees that over hang the sidewalks and some of the road

a gardener must live here--the whole front yard is covered in flowers as dense as these!

look at the moss!

this house reminds me of Ms. Lavender's cottage in the Anne of Green Gables books

a colorful house

pansies on the ground...without a fence around them...bunnies must not be a problem here =)

my favorite picture =)

lots of people bike here!

the really neat flower:

is it a bleeding heart?


Spencer Mom said...

What a lovely day! Thank you for inviting me on the walk with you. I enjoyed every moment along the way. :-) We are looking forward to seeing you and Curtis on Monday.

PrincessR said...

Wow! It is sooo pretty up there! I love all the tulips! Can't wait to see you though.
Love you!

Poff Clan said...

The pictures are lovely. My favorite is the porch swing....they are such a common thing in the South! :) I've always wanted one.
So glad you're headed home!
Mrs. Poff