Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election chat and funnies

Mother Dear and I took Russell with us to go vote this morning (and YES! I did get to vote, YAY!). In the car Russell asked, "will all the presidents be there or just Baldwin?"

During lunch we were talking about how you can tell a candidate is truly a Christian, or not. The boys were suprised that some of the nominee claim to be Christians, but don't uphold any Christian values. Scott decided that there were two tests that should be done to determine whether or not they truly believe: 1) ask them if they believe in Jesus Christ, and 2) ask them if they think evolution is true. Then we can know who to vote for. How simple it really is, a 9 year old can figure it out, why can't the rest of the US?

After we arrived back home with sample ballots for the boys Mark said, "Good. I'll fill mine out and send it right to Washington."

The boys had a lesson on how to vote and did immensely enjoy filling out their ballots. It was so cute, Mark and Scott especially were concerned about picking only godly men. I was temped, after the questions had been asked three times for most of the candidates, to say "come on it's just a piece of paper, and doesn't really matter anyway," but just then Mom said to one of them that it was great practice and she liked how they were diliberately choosing the people that were evidently godly.

Russell heard some of the early predictions for which presidential candidates winning the majority of the votes in certain states, "Barak is President (said very matter of factly and with an air of certainty.)" Mom then went on to explain that the a president rules over more than one state, fifty of them; the whole United States of America. "Oh, (insouciantly calm) that's a big job."

During a discussion at the dinner table Russell was telling Daddy about being able to "vote" using the sample ballot. "We brought home the...yellow kid's menu things..."

I am sitting here in the family room with Mom, Dad, and Rissa, a pot of coffee, and watching FOX news as they calculate up the votes, both personal and electoral. Yikes!

"We're not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be." -C.S. Lewis


Curtis said...

Thanks for posting... it's been a while.

I like all the quotes from the boys regarding the election, especially Russell's question about which candidates will be at the polling station... lol.

I also liked that Scott (and the other boys) were concerned with electing godly men. But what do you think? Is it possible to tell by some type of test whether or not a person is a Christian or not?

By the way, that C.S. Lewis quote is going in my commonplace book...

caity said...

Hey Curtis, I don't think that we can automatically tell is a person is a Christian by simply asking them those two questions, but their answers will say a lot about their worldview. Also by looking at the choices they have made and ideas which they express, we can get a general idea if they are or not. Of course, we won't ever be able to know for sure unless we know the candidate.

Mom found that quote somewhere. Is your commonplace book the one that you keep for your classes? I like to write down quotes in my journal too.