Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Catching a Vision

Chris, Caity, Marissa, and I are reading through So Much More by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin.  I would highly encourage each family with daughters to read it aloud (with Dad).  We just finished chapter 10, "Fathers, Daughters, and Highest Education",  and all really came away with a vision for continuing our daughters' education from home during the post high school years.  

This is definitely not a "women shouldn't be educated" book.  Much to the contrary!  The authors highly value education for women (as well as men).  This book is a great resource, along with another listed below, for inspiring us to help our daughters (and ourselves) gain a proper understanding of what education really is, and perhaps more importantly what it is not, as well as encouraging them to educate themselves to the fullest extent while continuing to keep their home centered focus. 

This vision isn't new to us but we now are on the threshold of needing to put a plan into action.  We are still looking into how to turn their education into a college degree using College Plus.  We don't have all the answers but we do have a vision and so we are working the "how to do this" out.  Exciting years are ahead for our girls (and many other similarly minded young ladies that we know) and we are so blessed that we will be able to continue to be a major part of their lives and get to see first hand what God is teaching them as they navigate these waters.  

Another great book to read along the lines of taking responsibility for your own education (at any age) is A Thomas Jefferson Education.  I've read this book twice, so far, and have finally talked Chris into reading it as well.  Hopefully it will go on my olders' book list for reading over Christmas break.  It is really an important book, though not authored by a Christian.  

In the So Much More chapter last night there was a quote from John Taylor Gatto, from Underground History of American Education which is available free here, that really summarizes what education is to be.  I hope it is an encouragement to you. 

"Close reading of tough-minded writing is still the best, cheapest, and quickest method known for learning to think for yourself... Reading, and rigorous discussion of that reading in a way that obliges you to formulate a position and support it against objections, is an operational definition of education in its most fundamental civilized sense....  Reading, analysis, and discussion is the way we develop reliable judgement, the principal way we come to penetrate covert movements behind the facade of public appearances. "   

Happy learning everyone!


Fiddlin' Girl said...

Such a true quote! I can't begin to tell what I have learned just by reading those "deeper" books! It is truly amazing! I wish that I could just read deeper books for my school in stead of History and Science. Not that I don't enjoy them, in fact, Caleb and I are probably the most enthusiastic about school.
We have been reading G.A. Henty books (very good for History) and I enjoy most of them. :)
Great post!
Love to you all and can't wait to see you! ~Sarah

Prairie Momma said...

Linda, I love both of those books, as you know. I also have Gatto's book if you're ever interested - excellently disturbing read in a way that only solidifies why we choose to educate as we do. I must confess I am so glad to have my family continue their education at home because I'm enjoying learning right along side them. Our discussions just keep getting richer and richer the older and more mature they get. I remember a quote that Cheryl Huston gave me years ago - it's not keeping an open mind that matters but choosing to close it on Godly ideas. I have loved that quote - especially fitting in today's "enlightened" world - and it's an idea that I enjoy watching lived out as these dear children mature in their convictions. What an exciting blessing we've been given to train our children at home. Thank you, LORD!

Poff Clan said...

How exciting! Looking forward to seeing how this practically works out for your girls. I'm happy to learn from you!
Queen Mom