Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Marissa

In contrast to the practically summery picture of Caity this is how Marissa dresses for cold weather.  She bundles up in her warm down jacket and puts on her really cute hat (sadly you can't see it very well here).  She walks down each day to get our mail (as is only fair as most of the good stuff is for her).  What different thermostats my dear daughters have.

It is a good thing that Marissa has this jacket and hat, she'll be needing it.  She has voluntarily started doing all the outside (read cold weather) chores that Curtis had done so faithfully.  She gets out early to drive the trash down in the 4-wheeler (ok, so maybe there is a bit of fun involved), she feeds the dog and cares for the chickens early each morning, she'll become our snow shoveler (training the boys to take over), and the road plower (again using the 4-wheeler). Curtis did a good job training her and I'm so glad that she doesn't mind the cold weather.  

What a blessing you are to all to all of us!


Scribe said...

Say, Marissa, you and your sister do have different ideas about dressing for the cold season!:)
Using the 4-wheeler in your chores sounds like a lot of fun, too! Maybe I'll come over and help sometime... but can I drive?:)


Marissa said...

We sure do! =) It would be fun for ya'll to come over some time and you could help shovel and plow! I'm not quite sure I fully know how to plow...I have the general idea but I haven't tried it yet... ;) "Course ya can drive it too!

Rebecca said...

Cute picture, Marissa. Good pictures for showing the difference of you two this late fall. :)

Fiddlin' Girl said...

HAHA! What a contrast! :) LOL
SOunds like you have fun doing some of those chores! :)
I like doing a lot of the chores around here. Today I was excited about mixing up chicken feed. Don't know why I think it is so fun!? Guess I am a true "country girl"! HA!!
Love ya bunches!