Thursday, November 13, 2008

teaching italic

I am using the italic method of handwriting for penmanship.  I think the end results are beautiful. Instead of buying a series of books for each child I am using Beautiful Handwriting for Children.  I just print of the ebook for each child and can also reprint pages if we need additional practice.  At the end of the book is a list of quotes to use for further practice.  We also already had a computer program, called Start Write, that allows me to select from a variety of handwriting styles, including italic and cursive italic, and also choose the line size I want.  I just type in the quote I want them to practice and print it out for them to copy.  It is working great.  

I also came across this video instruction for the handwriting method and thought some of you might find it beneficial (if you want additional information you'll find other videos for 1B and then several for cursive italic in the youtube side bar).  I'm guessing it is done by Penny Gardner, the author of BHfC, but I'm not certain. 

There are so many resources available to us now, aren't there?


Prairie Momma said...

Linda, what is the computer program you have that allows you to do that?? It sounds interesting.

Linda said...

Prairie Momma, I edited my post to include the name of the program and a link to it.

Fiddlin' Girl said...

Hey, The blog loos really nice!
Now, WHO IN THE WORLD ARE IN THE PICTURE ABOVE???? HA!! It looks very wierd and funny!
Love to ya!
Sarah B.