Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No need to boost his ego!

Yesterday I received a note from Russell asking how school was going and if I was hoping to finish up soon so I could go to college like Curtis. At the end of the note it said " I love you! You're cute. Love Russell."  So I wrote him back this morning and had the audacity to not mention that he was "cute." He later came in to thank me and seeing his note still on my desk he wanted me to read it to him. So I did and when I got to the end he says:
 "Why didn't you tell me that I am cute?"
Marissa: No reason. I just didn't. Did you want me to? *shrugs shoulders
Russell: Yes. . . 
Marissa: Do you think you're cute?
Russell: (without hesitation) YEP!


Fiddlin' Girl said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Those boys are too funny! I love it!!
I just visited my Aunt's blog and her grandkids were talking on the phone on speaker to her. The littlest one came in and my Aunt said hi to her.
Julianna (the youngest) told Maddy (the oldest) that the phone was talking. She then said "Hi phone!" :)
Love ya lots!! Tell Russell that I think he is cute!! HAHA!! LOL
Sarah B.

Poff Clan said...

Aw, Russell, we all think you're really cute, especially since you leave nice notes for your sister! Remember, it's what's on the inside that makes a young man REALLY handsome!:)
Queen Mom for all of us